About the EGPCP


The State Government funds 30 Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) across Victoria to improve access to services and continuity of care for people through improved service coordination, as well as chronic disease prevention, integrated health promotion, and partnership development.

The East Gippsland Primary Care Partnership (EGPCP) is a voluntary partnership of health and community organisations working together towards achieving better health outcomes for the community across the East Gippsland local government area.

With a vast landscape equating to approximately 14% of Victoria, East Gippsland is a unique municipality with many small isolated communities and several larger townships that provide health and community services to a broad population. The EGPCP is an essential vehicle for facilitating and sustaining effective partnerships linking these community services together.

The organisational structures and processes established by the EGPCP guide the development of collaborative activity.

The Partnership is about the sharing of resources, trust, risks and decision making, cooperation towards shared and/or compatible objectives and negotiation of shared goals towards interests in a shared future.

Aims of the PCP strategy include:

  • Improve the experience and outcomes for people who use primary care services.
  • Reduce the preventable use of acute and residential services via a greater emphasis on health promotion programs, early intervention and chronic disease management.
  • Develop service coordination links between primary care providers to enable early needs identification and service planning, and effective and efficient referral and care coordination between GP’s and other healthcare agencies.
  • Plan and deliver more effective health promotion programs and services underpinned by a social model of health.
  • Increase community participation in needs identification, service development and implementation.