Integrated Health Promotion


In Victoria, the term ‘integrated health promotion’ refers to:

‘agencies and organisations from a wide range of sectors and communities in a catchment (local area) working in collaboration using a mix of health promotion interventions and capacity building strategies to address priority health and wellbeing issues.’

The 2013-2017 East Gippsland Primary Care Partnership Strategic Plan focuses on three major integrated health promotion priority areas:

  • Healthy Eating & Oral Health.
  • Physical Activity.
  • Mental Health Promotion - including the prevention of men’s violence against women, drug and alcohol use.

All activities will be planned using a ‘systems’ approach.

Health Promotion Plan for East Gippsland 2016-2017

The purpose of this document is to consolidate and develop the work of organisations in East Gippsland that use health promotion and prevention strategies to support their community. This plan guides the activity of EGPCP partners involved in the East Gippsland Health Promotion Reference Group. This document builds on previous work to plan for the 2016-2017 planning and reporting period for the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

East Gippsland Health Promotion Reference Group

The East Gippsland Health Promotion Reference Group comprises of partner agencies who are committed to developing and implementing health promotion strategies that focus on increasing positive health and wellbeing outcomes that affect the East Gippsland community.

Meetings are held bi monthly at various locations across East Gippsland. Any agency using health promotion to support their community (or has an interest in doing so) is welcome to attend meetings. If specific areas of interest arise within the group, smaller short-term working groups will be formed to progress work in the area. These working groups will be required to report progress to the East Gippsland Health Promotion Reference Group.

New members must contact EGPCP prior to attending.