Structure & Membership

Structure of East Gippsland Primary Care Partnership

The East Gippsland Primary Care Partnership (EGPCP) currently has 21 partner agencies committed to working together to improve the health outcomes of the community.

There are two levels of membership to the EGPCP.

Level 1: Full members

  • Are signatories to the Partnership Agreement.

  • Have full voting rights.

  • Participate in consultative, planning and reporting processes across all areas of PCP activity as relevant.

  • Attend all full partnership meetings.
  • Are eligible to apply to be a part of the EGPCP Governance Group.
  • Can reference the EGPCP in funding applications.
  • Receive all PCP communications.

Level 2: Associate members

  • Are signatories to the Partnership Agreement.
  • Receive all EGPCP communications.
  • Attend a minimum of 75% of full partnership meetings (without voting rights).
  • Participate in consultative and planning processes in relation to the EGPCP Strategic Plan and other activities.
  • Any agency may request and receive Level 2 Associate membership by applying in writing to the Executive Officer.

When a new membership application is approved by the Governance Group the organisation representative will undertake an induction process with the EGPCP Executive Officer. This will include meeting with the Executive Officer to gain an overview of EGPCP activity, the PCPs role within the East Gippsland catchment and the Gippsland region and to discuss opportunities for the alignment and collaboration of priorities.

PCP Staffing

The PCP when fully staffed consists of an Executive Officer, Administration Support Worker and Project Facilitators who engage with partner agencies across the domains of integrated health promotion, service coordination, partnerships and chronic disease management. EGPCP staff do not usually have direct contact with members of the public. Instead they facilitate and support agency staff to work with the community to achieve better health results.

EGPCP Governance Group

The Governance Group will set the strategic agenda for the partnership and guide partnership activity in line with the DHHS program logic and the needs of the East Gippsland community. The Governance Group will also provide support to the Executive Officer on matters, as required such as employing PCP staff, conflict resolution and completing funding applications.

The key roles of the Governance Group include:

  • Ensuring proper governance arrangements are developed and implemented.
  • Ensuring the development of an effective partnership.
  • Support and promote the work of agency staff in implementing PCP strategies.
  • Ensure agency communication strategies enable dissemination of PCP business.
  • Development of the Strategic Plan.
  • Monitoring the performance of the EGPCP and ensuring member agencies meet their commitments to the agreement.
  • Ensuring conditions of Funding and Service Agreements with funding authorities are met.

Working Groups

A number of working groups operate within the PCP program areas and these groups report their program updates to the Governance Group. These working groups consist of agency program staff working on the ground with the community to deliver programs.

Would your organisation like to join the partnership?

If you have any questions about becoming a member please contact the EGPCP Acting Executive Officer, Tiana Felmingham on 5153 0149.

To become a member of the East Gippsland Primary Care Partnership please download, complete and return the Partnership Application form to:

East Gippsland Primary Care Partnership
PO BOX 1888
Bairnsdale Vic 3875

Or email to Tiana Felmingham via

You can download the EGPCP Partnership Application by clicking the tab below.