Vic PCP is a voluntary alliance of the 28 primary care partnerships in Victoria. Vic PCP was created, and is supported, by the 28 PCPs. Vic PCP exists to support and promote the primary care partnership platform and the broader use of partnerships to achieve improvements in population health and well being.

VicPCP will:

  • Advocate for future investment in primary care partnerships.
  • Identify and capitalise on new opportunities for growth in the primary care partnership platform.
  • Support primary care partnerships to deliver excellent outcomes that will improve the health status of all Victorians.
  • All PCPs are able to participate in strategic planning processes for VicPCP which will be directed by the Executive Committee which is a key component of the VicPCP structure as outlined below.

For more information visit the Vic PCP webiste:

Partnership Capability Framework

Since November 2018 a group of very dedicated PCP Executive Officers contributed significant amount of time to develop the Partnership Capability Framework using a collaborative design process.

The framework reflects the practice, experience, lessons and wisdom of PCP staff and partners designing, implementing and evaluating place-based initiatives across metropolitan and regional Victoria over the last 20 years. The design of this framework is deliberately brief and non-prescriptive, to enable PCP staff and partners to use this in a way that is appropriate to their context.