Member Agencies

Member Agencies

If you are interested in joining the East Gippsland Primary Care Partnership, please contact Tiana Felmingham - EGPCP Acting Executive Officer.

Australian Community Support Organisation

This organisation provides alcohol and other drug support, as well as assisting people transitioning from the prison system into the community.

Bairnsdale Regional Health Service (BRHS)

As the largest healthcare provider in East Gippsland, Bairnsdale Regional Health Service provides services including comprehensive primary care, acute care, aged care, community and home based health services to the people of East Gippsland.

Bush Nursing Centres (BNCs)

There are 22 Bush Nursing Centres in Victoria, and 5 of those are in the East Gippsland Local Government area in the townships of Cann River, Ensay, Swifts Creek, Buchan and Gelantipy. The Dargo Bush Nursing Centre also partners with the EGPCP.

Bush Nursing Centres deliver a community based health service which provides a broad range of healthcare services to the rural communities.

East Gippsland Shire Council

East Gippsland Shire Council provides governance and leadership for the local community through advocacy, decision making, and action. It is responsible for the delivery of over 100 Local Government services to the residents of East Gippsland.

Gippsland Lakes Community Health (GLCH)

Gippsland Lakes Community Health is a community health service provider with sites in Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale, Bruthen, Nowa Nowa and Metung. GLCH provides outreach services throughout East Gippsland through its network of partnerships, extensive travel, and use of information technology.

GLCH work extensively in the Health Promotion space, with activities encompassing oral health, physical activity, and mental health promotion.

Gippsland Primary Health Network (GPHN)

Gippsland Primary Health Network is part of a national network of 61 Medicare Locals set up by the Australian Government to coordinate primary health care delivery, tackle local health needs, and fill identified service delivery gaps.

GPHN aims to partner with all local primary health care providers, supporting them to connect and share the information they need to responsively and effectively treat and manage individual patient’s conditions. This coordinated approach will also help to reduce the duplication of services and improve the quality and safety of health care delivery in Gippsland.


GippSport is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation which was established in 1992 to operate across all six local government areas of the Gippsland Region. GippSport is one of nine Regional Sports Assemblies that formulate the Regional Sports Network Victoria (RSNV).

The organisation is committed to developing strong partnerships, especially with its funding providers, local government, and Primary Care Partnerships.

Gippsland Women’s Health (GWH)

GWH engage with women, communities, service providers, and government to promote and enhance the health and wellbeing of women across the Gippsland area.

Good Beginnings as part of Save the Children

Good Beginnings’ programs are part of Save the Children Australia. Good Beginnings’ programs build better outcomes for children and their families in vulnerable communities, through effective early intervention and practical parenting programs, so every Australian child has the opportunity for a good beginning in life.

Good Beginnings’ programs are free for children and families, with support ranging from supported playgroups and literacy programs, to fathering initiatives, at-home volunteer visiting for new parents, and intensive family support.

Lakes Entrance Aboriginal Health Association (LEAHA)

The Lakes Entrance Aboriginal Health Association has been developed in partnership with the Aboriginal community of Lakes Entrance to improve access to healthcare.

LEAHA provides access to medical services, health promotion, welfare support, and local and youth justice services.

Latrobe Community Health Service (LCHS)

Latrobe Community Health Service Limited is a major provider of primary health and support services across the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland.

LCHS is inspired by a vision of strong vibrant communities, where more people enjoy good health and healthy lifestyles. Improved access to healthcare and better information about healthy lifestyle choices are the building blocks of these communities.

Mallacoota District Health & Support Service (MDHSS)

The Mallacoota District Health and Support Service programs are targeted at promoting, enhancing, and maintaining people’s independence, health and well-being.

MDHSS promotes a social model of health, using an integrated approach with Bairnsdale Regional Health Service (BRHS) and other health agencies and networks in East Gippsland.

Omeo District Health (ODH)

Omeo District Health provides a large range of community and Home Based Services, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling, youth work, health promotion, dietetics and speech pathology, adult planned activity group (PAG), district nursing, maternal & child health, diabetic counselling and community dental services. Service delivery is enhanced where necessary, through partnership arrangements that provide a reliable provision of all services.

Omeo District Health includes a modern medical practice providing General Practice services to Omeo District Health, Ensay Community Health Centre, and the Swifts Creek Bush Nursing Centre. Omeo District Health maintains full accreditation status from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

Orbost Regional Health (ORH)

Orbost Regional Health provides acute, emergency, medical, surgical and obstetric services, and is a leader in the provision of small town rural birthing services in Victoria. Boasting a staggering array of community health, welfare and aged care services, Orbost Regional Health strives to meet the community needs utilising a flexible funding model.

Within Australia (formally SNAP Gippsland)

Within Australia is a Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation Support Service (PDRSS), part of the Victorian mental health service system. It has been delivering psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery oriented models of service and care to Gippslanders since 1992.

Uniting Care Gippsland

Uniting Care Gippsland is an agency of the Uniting Church, incorporated under the Uniting Church in Australia Act 1977. Uniting Care Gippsland employs over 400 staff who provide community based services, such as foster care, family counselling, family day care, youth work, family support, and financial counselling.

Vision Australia

Vision Australia is a leading national provider of blindness and low vision services in Australia. They work in partnership with Australians who are blind or have low vision to help them achieve the possibilities they choose in life. This may include creating community linkages to other people with low vision, providing audio books and audio news services, teaching people the best way they can use their eye sight, employment services, recreational programs, and a Braille library, among many other services.