Healthy Eating & Oral Health

Healthy Eating & Oral Health

Work in the healthy eating & oral health priority area will focus on increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables, and making water the first choice of beverage of the communities of East Gippsland during the next four year cycle.

Key projects/focus include:

  • Social marketing campaign based on decreasing the consumption of sugary drinks and increasing the consumption of water.
  • Improving food security and access to healthy food.
  • The Achievement Program.

Take a look at the Health Promotion Plan for East Gippsland to see what we’re currently working on.

Decreasing sugary drink consumption in East Gippsland

Did you know?

  • 20% of people in East Gippsland drink sugary drinks every day.
  • The average amount of soft drink consumed by these people is over half a litre every single day. That’s one and a half cans!
  • People living in rural areas are more likely to drink soft drinks than people living in metropolitan areas.
  • More than 50% of adults in East Gippsland are overweight or obese.
  • East Gippslanders drink much much less water than the average Victorian.
  • One 600mL bottle of Coke contains 16 teaspoons of sugar (or 64 grams). Imagine having that much sugar in a bowl of cereal!

Victorian Population Health Survey 2012-2013

These facts alone make it easy to see why it’s so important that we choose to drink water instead of sugary drinks. Check out the website resources below for tips on how you can reduce how much sugar you’re drinking.

Healthy Eating Advisory Service

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service is delivered by experienced nutritionists and dietitians at Nutrition Australia (Victorian Division) and aims to help organisations provide and promote healthier foods and drinks to improve the health of all Victorians.

"We work with early childhood services, outside school hours care, schools, workplaces, hospitals, sport and recreation centres, tertiary education and parks. We support these organisations to provide healthier foods and drinks in their menus and through catering, food outlets and vending. We also offer support to food industry, food outlets, caterers, and suppliers."

Visit the Healthy Eating Advisory Service website for information and resources for your organisation, including online and face-to-face training.

Working Towards Food Security in East Gippsland

Students from Monash University completed a comparative study on food security whilst on placement with EGPCP in 2015. To view the study, follow the ‘Working Towards Food Security in East Gippsland’ link below.

Thank you to the students from Monash University.

Christie Bennett, Claire Galloway, Philippa Galloway, Georgia Moore and Laura Schembri.

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