Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing Network

The East Gippsland Primary Care Partnership (EGPCP) initiated a network for Mental Wellbeing in February 2019. Organizations across the East Gippsland region were invited to participate. The network was initiated as a response to the East Gippsland Shire Council Health and Wellbeing Plan, specifically the priority area for ‘resilient and connected communities’.

To facilitate this network, the EGPCP, in collaboration with The Systems School launched a systemic inquiry, and hosted a series of workshops on Mental Wellbeing in East Gippsland. A total of five sessions were held between February and October 2019. A more detailed outline of the individual processes and their sequences can be found in ‘Systemic Inquiry Processes: Mental Wellbeing in East Gippsland’

Our approach to this process

Our work was undertaken as a Systemic Inquiry; a process of ongoing learning and unpacking of an issue through multiple cycles of active social learning and engagement with a suite of systems thinking methods and tools. We set guiding principles for the group which included: staying curious, reflecting often and holding a willingness to learn. We were encouraged to regularly identify and let go of assumptions about how the system is supposed to work, what will solve the problem and how the parts need to work together so that we might see the system through fresh eyes.

In this process we acknowledged that our coming together in this work is itself a matter of initiating systems change. By bringing the system together (our diverse roles and experiences) to learn together about where we can focus our intentions and seek improvements we are inherently improving systems level dynamics that influence and impact this systems. We are demonstrating what it means to bust silos and learn and work collaboratively.

Mental Health Promotion

Mental health promotion looks at maximising mental health and wellbeing among populations and individuals by addressing the potentially modifiable determinants of mental health which include social and economic factors, such as employment, education, and the physical environment.

Building the capacity of individuals and communities to support and maintain good mental health.

Key projects of EGPCP include:

  • Prevention of violence, particularly the prevention of men’s violence against women
  • Communities that Care
  • Preventing the use of drugs and alcohol
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Social inclusion

Other mental health information and resources