Violence Prevention

Prevention of violence

East Gippsland PCP has been part of collective work focusing on the prevention of violence against women. Through participation at the regional level via Gippsland Women’s Health’s Gippsland Free from Violence Coalition, to support of and participation in the East Gippsland Partners in Violence Prevention group, there is prevention activity happening all across the region. Find out more about primary prevention of violence here:

MATE Training

The East Gippsland Primary Care Partnership remains committed to gender equality the prevention of men’s violence against women and children in the East Gippsland region. EGPCP have two staff members that are fully qualified to deliver MATE Training in the region.

The MATE Bystander Program is an education and intervention program teaching us all to be leaders in the prevention of violence and harmful behaviour. The Program is designed to teach community members how to recognise abuse and have the confidence to speak out and offer help.

Developed by Griffith University and delivered in conjunction with Gippsland Women’s Health Service, MATE aims to raise awareness of the level of abusive behaviour in our culture as well as the subtler issues that support a harmful
and abusive environment. The Program gives us the knowledge we need to recognise an issue, empowers us to take responsibility, provide the tools we need to effectively interrupt the behaviour, and the confidence and capacity to do so. To find out more about MATE training click here.

To book a session for your organisation or community group in East Gippsland follow this link.